Codi is a seamless and integrated Clinician to Clinician support



Codi provides any physician, with an iPhone (or iPad), instant access to a critical care specialist in realtime, 24/7. There’s no switchboard or middle agency between rural physician and intensivist—It’s like having an intensivist in your pocket!

Its like having an intensivist in your pocket!


Thoughtful integration of technology and supportive people

Codi is the thoughtful integration of technology and the “right people” to help support rural physicians during some of their most stressful and challenging times.

Powerful Simplicity

Codi’s simplicity is what makes it so powerful. By simply tapping the “Call” button, a rural physician is instantly connected to a critical care specialist and guided through complex, intimidating, and anxiety-filled situations.

Easy and safe to use

So with just an iPhone and cellular or wifi connectivity, any healthcare practitioner working in a rural setting has immediate access to help at the touch of a button. With Codi, anxiety is lessened, physicians and nurses are empowered, and most importantly, patients gain an exceptional level of care.

All across Canada

Codi is available across Canada to itinerant practitioners, medical residents, nurses and nurse practitioner and locums. From Vancouver Island to Newfoundland, clinicians have access to the same support strategy. So download Codi from the iOS App Store today.

Having easy access to on-going clinical and human support is paramount – Codi delivers on multiple levels


A significant leap forward in rural critial care.

Gordon Horner Physician, Haida Gwaii

With CODI, I feel that I always have a second on call wherever I go.

Emanuela Tura MD, Fraser Lake

I think this patient may have died without the help.

Dr. Nancy Humber Physician, Lilloet

CODI app brings a totally new dimension to rural emergency medicine. For the first time, I feel well supported with immediate advice and help available in dealing with emergent cases. This is exactly what we need!

Stefan DuToit Physician, Valemount

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© CODI Inc | All Rights Reserved