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Codi is a seamless and integrated clinician to clinician support—it’s a truly transformative care strategy aimed at rural and isolated doctors.

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What is Codi?

Codi is an iPhone based care strategy created to provide rural and isolated clinicians  instant access to experienced and caring clinical support, 24/7. We offer any certified medical professional direct access to a critical care specialist, 24/7, with the goal of supporting them through any patient situation. Our mission is simple: Supporting rural clinicians to help improve patient outcomes and to empower those rural providers.

Download Codi from the AppStore today, or to find out more, go to codiapp.com.

Is Codi Free?

Codi is free for any rural clinician.  It is up to each specific facility using CODI in their ER to pay a small monthly subscription fee.

How do I get CODI?

Since Codi is an iOS App, you’ll need an iPhone or iPad to get it. From there, getting set up is easy—just download the App from Apple’s AppStore and install it on your phone. Once you have Codi on your phone, just sign up for a free account. It’s that simple.

To find out more, go to codiapp.com or reach out to us with your comments, questions, and feedback.  

I’m not from B.C., Canada, can I use CODI?

While CODI has been designed as a BC-based care and support strategy, we are able to take calls from all provinces in Canada except Quebec.  If you’re a physician in another province interested in using CODI, please contact us right away so we can get the process started, or simply download the app from the App Store.

Where are the intensivists from?

All of our intensivists are currently from British Columbia, Canada. However, that may change as the need and interest arises.

I’m concerned that I’ll be bothering the Intensivist if I use CODI, or that it will not seem like a big deal. Should I still call?

 Absolutely! This raises a very important point we want to emphasize.  Within the CODI community there is no such thing as a trivial question. We really want you to call us any time you feel uncomfortable about a patient, or there’s something that just doesn’t add up.  We want CODI to be a safe and open community where all kind of questions are warmly received and kindly responded to.  There is no issue that is too big or too small.  We are here for you whenever you need support…period.

Even though I’ve used CODI and the support was helpful, I still feel like I’m inconveniencing them, and I don’t want to be a burden.

The simple answer:  it is important that you call us.  All of our Intensivists are fully behind the mission of CODI, but they can’t help unless you call. The intensivists who do ‘Codi call’ are not engaged in clinical duties when they’re on for Codi, so that they can be ready for your call.

Where is CODI going from here, do they plan to add other specialties, provide SIM training, etc?

As a group, we are always trying our best to advance the mission of this care strategy.  In the near future we are expanding our levels of support to include Peds, Neuro, and much more.  Our intensivists are also working on providing the best most up to date SIM training found anywhere in the world — all to do with Rural and remote medicine cases.  Details of SIMs will be posted on our socials and our website.

Who is the intended user of Codi?

We have specifically built Codi as a iOS App—like having an intensivist in your pocket. The whole purpose of this care strategy is to help support rural and remote Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, Nurses and Residents. Any licensed healthcare provider working in a rural or remote area in British Columbia (or elsewhere) can use Codi. The whole purpose of Codi is to provide support to those who need it, whenever they need it.

When is it Ok to use Codi—when can I call?

We actually want you to call whenever you feel uncomfortable. So, in a sense, you decide the calling criteria. A good rule of thumb is that if you’re unsure about something, or even if you just want to try it out, call us! We want to be your second pair of eyes and ears. Pretend we were just down the hall from you, and you wanted a second opinion.

We run an ER 8am—8pm and and already have phone access to an ICU doc on call. What advantages would your app provide for us?

The App provides a platform to have an immediate and secure video chat with a specialist 24/7. Because this is a video platform, it’ll be like we’re right in the room with you, seeing what you see. Furthermore, as soon as the call is done, you’ll receive an audio version of the advice, followed by an actual transcription on your phone within minutes of the call, which you can print and place in the patient chart. Beyond that, all patient information is securely stored and lives on our servers. You can label it with a key word (‘hashtag’) that allows you to remember the information and access it at any time in the future, for any similar situation, via the App. In this way, you can develop your own ‘library of pearls’. 

What is the difference between Codi and any other acute telehealth service?

We provide you with an instant response from certified intensivists (& other specialty services) at the touch of one button on your iPhone—no pagers, no operators, no voice mails, and no waiting.  And we’re committed to supporting you through any uncomfortable medical situation. Even if you just want to run a case past us; that’s fine.

Will there be an Android or Desktop version Codi?

At present we’re focusing our efforts on Codi for iOS and iPad because many areas within the medical community have mandated that anyone using a mobile phone for anything related to healthcare must use iOS due to the level of security and encryption that Apple provides.  As far as a being able to use Codi on a desktop computer, we do have plans to release a desktop version in the near future. To meet healthcare-related encryption compliance, the Android systems need to show a higher level of security than they currently offer. Privacy is a very important priority for us.

Is Codi PIPA/FIPPA compliant?

We have examined our workflow from every angle and can conclusively say that there is no transfer of data that falls outside of what is provincially and federally mandated. We don’t share any personally identifiable information, and we store our data on very secure Canadian servers, using military-grade encryption.

What if a Codi call is not picked up?

We have two intensivists on call at all times, so if our first intensivist is unable to pick up for any reason, the call is automatically routed to a back-up intensivist. In the rare instance where neither intensivist picks up, we receive an urgent notification of that missed call, and a third intensivist will return your call immediately. You’ll never have to wait.

Where is our information stored?

All information is stored in Canada on encrypted severs. See above for more detail.

Does Codi only work on Wifi?

Codi works anywhere where there is a Wifi or LTE/3G/5G signal. Essentially, there are very few places where Codi will not work, because the technology we use will allow a call even if you don’t have enough signal for a FaceTime call.

How much data does a Codi Video call use?

For a video call—a rough estimate is about 20-30MB for every 5mins, depending on the quality of the call. This is less than an average YouTube video.

What if a transcribed document has a mistake?

All transcribed documents are editable by our intensivists. If you catch something that doesn’t make sense, simply let us know and we’ll make sure we clean it up before you put it in the patient’s chart. 

Are you affiliated with any provincial health authority or medical technology company?

Nope. We’re a totally independent group of intensivists and App Developers dedicated to merging medicine and technology in a cool way to solve the ongoing issue of a lack of support for rural medicine.

CODI app brings a totally new dimension to rural emergency medicine. For the first time, I feel well supported with immediate advice and help available in dealing with emergent cases. This is exactly what we need!

Stefan DuToit Physician, Valemount

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© CODI Inc | All Rights Reserved