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We’re sharing with you a sample of unsolicited responses we’ve received from rural doctors who have used CODI during real world situations.

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With a tool like CODI in hand, now is the best time in history to practice emergency and acute care medicine.  Just knowing that it exists is a huge comfort,  encouraging me to maintain a fulfilling and challenging scope of practice. Watching CODI grow, I’m really excited for the future of medical care in BC.

Dr. Greg Costello Locum Family Physician, B.C.

Today I received a text from a colleague in isolated Lillooet. Nancy launched CODI to assist her and her team with a patient in cardiac arrest. “I think this patient may have died without the help.” she said.

Dr. Nancy Humber Physician, Lillooet. via John Pawlovich

We used CODI from Fraser Lake two weeks ago without a practice run to clarify STEMI vs NON STEMI – it was so amazing!

Ginny Burns Physician, Burns Lake

CODI, should be known to and in the hands of all of us working in ERs, especially rurally. Thanks so much for this initiative.

Bob Henderson Physician, Rural Locum

Such great work CODI Team, You are leaders in virtual health!! In the world. Thank you for your amazing forward thinking and ingenuity.

Jim Christenson Head of Emergency Medicine, UBC

Thank you so much for this. Your kindness and support is just amazing. You are a true inspiration. Thank you for helping me with potentially challenging situations. You make rural medicine much easier. With CODI, I feel that I always have a second on call wherever I go.

Emanuela Tura Physician & Locum, Ladysmith

Another step on the road to supporting rural and remote practitioners and communities everywhere. We now have the means to remedy the isolation of being the only doctor in the hospital. Congratulations!

J. Galt Wilson College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC

The CODI app brings a totally new dimension to rural emergency medicine. For the first time, I feel well supported with immediate advice and help available in dealing with emergent cases. This is exactly what we need!

Stefan DuToit Physician, Valemount

I really feel that this is the app that can change the damn difficult situation that is often experienced in little emergency departments.

Pieter Slabbert Physician, Quesnel

I was very happy to have a button to push and someone to consult with as being able to talk to someone is SO reassuring. No matter how many courses I do the first presentation of each emergency diagnosis gets my heart racing.

Joan Rosenberg Physician, Pender Island

You guys are obviously thinking ahead! A million thanks for such a fantastic contribution to healthcare in rural Canada.

Danny Obaseki MD, Dawson Creek

Thank you once again for a fantastic presentation. You folks have created something truly amazing to support rural physicians!

Heather Goretzky Practice Support Coach, Vanderhoof

Since you have 24/7 support from intensivists you’re way ahead of the HA on delivering expertise to rural physicians who may not typically deal with certain procedures, etc., and can benefit from urgent real-time support or when they need general internal medicine questions answered.

Dave Harris Technical Lead for NIRD

Thank you for this amazing help that gives me the chance to provide better care, keep learning challenging new cases, enjoy kind, compassionate and friendly virtual colleagues, while practicing the medicine I love.

Emanuela Tura Fraser Lake, MD

I think it is a significant leap forward in rural critical care and the app worked flawlessly. Best of luck and I am as I previously mentioned fully supportive of this being taken up by the HA’s as a standard of care for rural ER’s.

Gordon Horner Physician, Haida Gwaii

My overall experience was fantastic. I think an extra set of eyes and ears in the room was definitely helpful. My fission colleagues are also happy for the support.

Joshua Greggain MD, CCFP, Hope

In an isolated community with limited resources, this access and immediate advice is absolutely priceless. It not only allows us to provide excellent service to our patients but also allows our rural physicians peace of mind in having support and guidance in situations which occur sometimes infrequently in small communities. After our experiences with CODI, I wonder how we could ever go without it.

Rena Romain Physician, Fraser Lake

Timely and ideal situation as the intensivist was not busy with something else. Targeted meds in a very high equity case not for treatment only but prevention of complications too administered. Brilliantly satisfying experience.

Herman Keyter Physician, Valemount

CODI defines what is now standard of care.

Dr. Sean Ebert

There will always be a need to count on your amazing support, as long as one is still practising medicine.

Christian Okebie Physician, Burns Lake

Codi is the most transformative healthcare strategy I’ve ever been a part of!

Dr John Pawlovich MD & Director of REAP

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