I have used my CODI app on only four occasions since I first found out about it but every single one of those occasions has turned out to be immensely helpful to me. Being the only one on site when sick patients come in can sometimes be daunting. On one occasion I had a lady with extremely severe COPD who’s O2 sats were dropping to 76% along with signs of CO2 retention. There were no ambulance crew or nurses around and I have to say that it was a godsend to have a friendly, calm and extremely practical Intensivist “standing next to me”, guiding my actions which inevitably resulted in my patients survival and recovery. I am so appreciative of this service.

Thanks Codi Team,

Keremeous, Interior Health

“I was very happy to have a button to push and someone to consult with. Yes, DKA is common and I could have gone online for a quick review but being able to talk to someone is SO reassuring. I know I will abuse (in the best way) this service as I did maternity care for 22 years (family practice but mostly maternity) and the last 5 years of rural Locums has been a steep learning curve. No matter how many courses i do the first presentation of each emergency diagnosis gets my heart racing. This was my first DKA. Fluids Insulin transfer!! Got it. We never got an IV in and although I pulled out the IO was a wimp in the end (also 30 minutes to an ER facility with a relatively stable patient). I will be practicing IO placement.


Pender Island, Island Health
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